16 Coffin Nails That Are Scary-Cute


I’ve always been pretty basic in the nail painting department. I’ve never liked my nails super long because I find they always get caught on stuff. Coffin nails, or ballerina nails as they’re sometimes called, are a pretty cool trend, though — one that I’d be willing to try. They get their name from the shape they give your nail: the blunted end resembles the bottom of a coffin or the point of a ballerina shoe. If you like to keep up with the Kardashians, they are a trend that Kylie likes, as well! They come in various lengths and some eye-popping color combinations. Here are 16 coffin nails that are scary-cute!

1. Be bold with black

Most people like to paint their nails with bright colors. I was one of those people until I stumbled upon the perfect shade of midnight black. It really does make your nails pop! With this particular style, I like how the silver, glittery polish adds some extra zing!
Nail Art Gallery | MargeritasNailz

2. Look wonderful in white

White is another shade I don’t really use enough. It has a similar effect to black in its ability to make things pop! I like the look of the gold against it. It reminds me of a sunny day, and the nerd in me thought of a symbol from Zelda.

Instagram | @malishka702_nails

3. 50 shades of grey looks better on your nails

Just look at this one! To me, it has an ombré feel to it. The cuticle embellishment reminds me of a mermaid and gives off an “under the sea”  feel. The nerd/little girl in me is also reminded of Sailor Moon!
Instagram | @doobysnails

4. Beautiful in brown

These ones are on the shorter side in the whole scheme of coffin nails. This would probably be a good place to start if you’re not sure which length you can handle. I’m absolutely in love with the color, because it reminds me of chocolate or a warm sandy beach!

5. These nails are on fire

These nails might just be my favorite! I love how the black outline helps the red pop out! Not to mention that it is also my favorite shade of red. The style almost has a 3-D, cartoonish effect to it.
Tumblr | crownthequeens| Instagram | @hausoflacquer

6. Hell-o yellow

I feel like this look just says “born to be wild!” I love how the neon yellow and black are paired together! My favorite part about this look is the splatter effect, and I will definitely try something similar myself!

7. A breathtaking blue

This look is awesome on so many levels! I love how there are three shades of blue. At first glance, I was reminded of the water at a tropical beach destination! It also looks as delicate as glass!
Instagram | @celinaryden

8. The sky is the limit

I also enjoy a darker blue nail polish. If you get the right shade, it can resemble the night sky. This look popped out at me because the added glitter effect reminded me of stars shining in the sky!
Instagram | @solinsnaglar

9. Soft as spring

These nails stuck out to me because although they’re simple, I love the color. It reminds me of springtime and blooming flowers, as well as the arrival of Easter. These nails are a little bit longer if you are feeling brave!
Instgram | @blingnailstudio

10. Pretty in pink

I just love this design! The soft, pastel pink reminds me of the spring and Easter. The roses and tiny pearls add such a cute little feminine touch, and the white polka dots against the pink is just the perfect color combo!

11. A little hotter

If the softer pink is not for you, try this on for size! This hot pink is enough to make anyone do a double take — it definitely catches the eye! The gold studs make the look stand out even more.
Instagram | @mikamlau

12. Stylin’ splatter

To be honest, orange is one of my favorite colors, so this one takes the cake for me! I like bright colors, but not too much glitz and glam. The spatter effect is just my style!

13. Minty fresh

I absolutely love this color! It’s just as fresh as a stick of gum (or mint chocolate chip ice cream, if that’s more your thing)! The combination of black and silver glitter makes it eye-popping!
Instagram | @margaritasnailz

14. Make them green with envy

Another great shade of green! The first thing that came to mind was Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz. Can it just be said that the people who do their nails like this also have the best accessories?
Instagram | @cilenesilveira

15. A beautiful wine stain

I’m going to be in a wedding this coming fall and this is actually the exact color of the dress I’m wearing. Looks like I figured out how I’m getting my nails done! There is something about this wine color that I find nice and classic-looking, but maybe that’s because I like to drink it so much!
Instagram | @priscilla_nails

16. Chase the rainbow

Who doesn’t love rainbows? When you can’t decide on a nail color, why not pick them all? They blend together so well and give a marbleized look.
Main image via Instagram / @nailsbymztinaCollage images via 1. Instagram / @malishka702_nails 2. Facebook / Nail Designs by Sarah 3. Instagram / @cilenesilveira