15 Of The Most Satisfying Pimple Pops From One Of The Best Popping Instagram Accounts


1. A poppers dream, nose blackheads.

Does anyone else see people with nose blackheads and just want to pop ’em all? Or is it just me who’s gross?

2. This cyst is so full of cheese I’m surprised it didn’t burst on its own!

I wonder exactly how much gunk came out of that bad boy?

3. Careful poppers, those cysts can fight back!

And now you know why Dr Pimple Popper always wears a mask when she’s working!

4. Back boobs?!

I’ve heard of back fat and back rolls but back boobs? These are new to me!

5. You’re definitely going to want to turn the sound up for this one!

That pop is so oddly satisfying, I can hardly handle it! Imagine walking around with that in your arm!

6. Are we sure that’s a cyst? It’s big enough to be a second nose!

The last time I saw a lump like that on a forehead it was when I got into a fight with my little brother that got both of grounded for a month.

7. Nope, it’s not somebody giving birth, it’s just a huge pop!

Can you believe the size of that thing?! It’s ginormous! And sitting right at the base of the neck, the patient must be glad to be rid of it!

8. If you’re eating noodles right now you might want to look away. 

Is this how pasta is really made? Please tell me it’s not.