15 Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Today we’re going to look at all the colors of the rainbow…on your nails, that is. There’s something about rainbow anything that’s just inherently pretty, fun, and striking. We don’t have to wait for the next time it’s sunny while raining; let’s check out all the rainbows right now.

1. Rainbow gradient and glitter.

YouTube | Janelle Estep

2. Pauly Shore would be proud.

Tie dye whuddup.

3. A very creative take with these rainbow trees…perfect for fall (even though there’s still a hint of summer!)

4. OMG would you even care about the pot of gold?

YouTube | Janelle Estep

5. Umm, incredible or what?

flickr | wisely-chosen

6. Simple and stellar.

Instagram | @ohlerin

7. Perfection?


8. Candy crushin’ hard.

NailArtGallery | azusa

9. Rainbow tiger stripes.

NailArtGallery | Sushi600

10. Animal rainbows, yes.

11. A different (and colorful) take on the yin yang. Much welcomed.

NailArtGallery | forevernails

12. Rainbow Brite!

Adventures in Acetone

13. Perfectly rainbow.

tumblr | mpnails

14. No H8. Amirite?

NailArtGallery | Felicia07

15. These look like a cartoon!

tumblr | gelatinadeleche
Main image source: NailArtGallery / Felicia07
Collage image source: 1. NailArtGallery / Felicia07 2. flickr / wisely-chosen 3. NailArtGallery /Sushi600