15 Celebs Spill Their Thoughts On Body Image In Hollywood

Women have a hard enough time as it is. But can you imagine being a woman who’s also a celebrity? Famous women are constantly being compared, judged, and scrutinized by the media and by the public.

Keep on scrolling to learn what 15 celebs have to say about what attitudes towards body image in Hollywood are ACTUALLY like.

1. Gigi Hadid

Moderation is extremely important to the supermodel. She revealed, “I’m all for one month of going hard and eating really healthy and boxing every day if you’re doing it for like one job, but I’ve always said, ‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.’ I find a lot of importance in that.”
Instagram | @gigihadid

2. Gabrielle Union

The actress explained, “If you carry yourself with confidence, and you move through the world with your head held high and your shoulders thrown back, you don’t need to be a [size] double-zero. What people are attracted to is the fact that you’re attracted to yourself.” Amen, sister! 
Instagram | @gabunion

3. Gwen Stefani

The singer was brutally honest about her body image: “I’d like to have no rules and eat what I want, but I’ve learned over the years that I’m so disappointed when I can’t wear the clothes I want to wear,” she said. “And if I let myself down, appear on stage when I’m not looking my best, it’s not fun for me. I just beat myself up about it.”
Instagram | @gwenstefani

4. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda knows the harsh realities of Hollywood all too well. “I have to stay in shape because I’m an actress. It’s f–ked up and it’s twisted, but I wouldn’t get the roles otherwise. If I’d been bigger, I don’t think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!” she revealed. 
Instagram | @mingey

5. Emma Stone

“I do have that thing of, ‘Oh my God, I’m disgusting! I ate a huge Wagamama lunch, the whole yaki soba, and I feel so fat,'” the actress revealed. “But I’m still gonna eat that stuff, and you know what? You can get nice, loose clothes that cover it all up.”
Instagram | emmastone_15

6. Rebel Wilson

After the actress showed up to the 2015 MTV Movie Awards with the word “THINK” emblazoned across the seat of her pants, she explained, “I think sometimes girls look at Victoria’s Secret models and think that they have to model themselves after that, but I really don’t think that’s the best… I like to encourage girls to think, which is why I put that on my butt.”
Instagram | @rebelwilson

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2011, the actress said, “The reason that I can be 38 and have two kids and wear a bikini is because I work my ass off. It’s not an accident. It’s not luck, it’s not fairy dust, it’s not good genes. It’s killing myself for an hour and a half five days a week, but what I get out of it is relative to what I put into it.”
Instagram | @gwynethpaltrow

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim has always been honest about how she achieves her famous body. “There’s nothing easy about being fit and healthy,” she said. “I’d never say, ‘Take this and eat whatever you want or don’t work out.’ That’s not realistic. To look and feel my best, I watch my calories and exercise.”
Instagram | @kimkardashian

9. Demi Lovato

The singer has been an advocate of body positivity for quite some time. One of her Instagram captions reads, “Regardless of what society tells you these days… You don’t have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful. It is possible to love your body the way it is.”
Instagram | @ddlovato

10. Sofía Vergara

The actress was up-front about how her looks have affected her career. “Part of my career has always been because of the way I look,” she said. “I’m not ashamed. It has opened doors. But I also know that if I didn’t have something else, I’d be long gone.”
Instagram | @sofiavergara

11. Marcia Cross

The Desperate Housewives star revealed the harsh realities of being a Hollywood actress: “It’s like they pay me not to eat. It’s a living hell. I have often felt there was a lot of pressure on me to look good, especially in shows like Melrose Place where the girls were so skinny. I often look at myself and worry about how I look. It’s the beautiful people syndrome.”
Instagram | @rami0074

12. Adriana Lima

The Victoria’s Secret Angel shocked the media when she revealed that when leading up to the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she works out twice a day and drinks only protein shakes for nine days. “I know it’s very intense,” she said. “I just have an athlete’s mind and I appreciate doing this thing.”
Instagram | @adrianalima

13. Jennifer Lawrence

“I would like us to make a new normal-body type,” the actress explained. “Everybody says, ‘We love that there is somebody with a normal body!’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t feel like I have a normal body.’ I do Pilates every day. I eat, but I work out a lot more than a normal person.”

14. Kate Winslet

The lovely actress is now at an age where she’s comfortable with who she is. “What is so gorgeous, so really, truly, bloody gorgeous about being the age I am is that all the ridiculous angst that I might once have felt about having a bit of cellulite, or being a bit puffy in the face, or whatever, has just evaporated. I simply can’t believe I ever spent any time wasting my life on that nonsense,” she said.
Instagram | @katewinslet97

15. Amy Schumer

The actress and comedian explained, “Appearance has so little to do with where we should get our confidence from. But everywhere we turn we’re told we’re supposed to look this certain way. I have looked at myself in the mirror and thought, ‘This is how you look. Embrace that and move on.'”Which of these celebrity quotes really struck a chord with you? Comment and let us know!
Instagram | @amyschumer