14 Strange Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World

Every country has its own way of doing things. Even different areas of the same country tend to be pretty different as well. In fact, some countries differ in how they do things so much that people could just get really, really confused.

Take China for example. If Americans walk down the streets of China they’ll be kind of shocked when they see shark heads or giant worm looking things being sold at a local supermarket. That’s definitely not something you see in North America!

Or take Russia. They actually sell straight vodka in juice cartons with a straw. If you’re not from there, we wouldn’t recommend trying that if you’re a “light weight.” The world is honestly a crazy place.

Even though some of this stuff may seem crazy to us, it’s pretty normal for the people who live in these countries.

They probably don’t even realize that it’s “strange” unless someone who’s not from there were to point it out. Here are 13 things that Americans do that people from the UK find a bit odd!

1. Apparently, the toilet bowls in the States have a ton of water in them and people who are from the United Kingdom can’t understand why.

2. Bread sticks in America are apparently the size of small baguettes rather than being crunchy, slim sticks. Still yummy regardless.

3. People who aren’t from the States can’t understand why TV show timings are displayed as “8/7c.” Technically speaking, we don’t even think people in the States really understand why either.

4. British people are all about the tea and they can’t seem to understand why there is a shortage of electric kettles in the States.

5. If you aren’t from the states, it’s pretty hard to grasp your mind around the fact that playing sports in high school is a pretty big deal. It can get you a scholarship to a prestigious college.

6. In the UK, college-level sports is not a big deal at all. In the States? College-level sports have a massive fan base. It’s a legitimate sports game with a huge audience.

7. Apparently, people who aren’t from America don’t understand the large gaps in public bathroom stalls.

8. High school graduations are a pretty big deal in America and North America in general. But places like the UK don’t understand that concept. They just write their finals and hang out the rest of the day.

9. Something small like saying cookies instead of biscuits can be mind blowing for those who aren’t from America. We honestly think it’s a bit odd to call it biscuits!

10. If you’re from America, you don’t find it strange that the washing machines are in a separate room. But people from different parts of the world find it VERY strange!

11. When you go shopping in the States and you look at the price of a really cute top, you know tax isn’t included. But for people not from America, that could be extremely confusing.

#13 Holy Cross Ballroom Dance|

12. American kids learned that the way you order your dates is a month, day, year. But for people who are not from there, the “normal” way is day, month, year.

13. Apparently, it’s strange for those from say, The UK, that plugs don’t have an on and off switch in America. Americans couldn’t be bothered with that.

14. People from the UK don’t understand why scones are called biscuits and why exactly they are served with white gravy and bacon. So confusing.

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