14 People Who Took On A Challenge

There is the inexplicable urge that overcomes men who are told they can’t do something. It’s a sense of foolish pride that we all recognize we have, but that we cave to anyway. It’s quite bizarre and unless you’re a man — especially a man fueled on alcohol — I feel you’d have a hard time understanding, but trust me when I tell you it’s there. It’s not always a bad thing, either. Like landing on the moon, for instance. I’m sure lots of people said that it was impossible. And then one day some chum with a dream probably said something to the effect of, “Let me finish this Bud Light and I’ll show you a man on the moon in, like, three weeks tops.”


Next thing you know, we’re faking a moon landing and some dude’s buddy probably lost $20.

While none of the people in this article faked a moon landing for a six pack of beer, they did take on some pretty worthwhile challenges — and for that, I respect them.

1. Gonna take too long to inflate, eh? We’ll see about that.

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2. Too soon?

3. They were told, “No one has the time for that.”

No one procrastinates as professionally as college students do. Never forget that.
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4. This is what class clowns do after high school.

Imgur | Glitchraptor

5. “Buckle up kids, daddy is going to make a FOOL out of this brick wall.”

reddit | djprmf

6. “I have to make a phone call…”

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7. Don’t tempt me like that.

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9. City is passive-aggressively letting cyclists know how much they appreciate them “going green.”

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10. “No dude…you can definitely do it in under 10.” “Heck yeah I’ll hold your beer.”

11. High-level dad joke. Well done, sir.

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12. If you’re drunk enough, the field becomes flat.

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13. Do you think I am some kind of amateur, Ferrero?

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14. “You owe me $5, honey.”

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