13 Times Actors Were Drunk On The Job And Delivered Iconic Performances


If your character is partial to a bit of alcohol, downing some shots during filming is a good way to get into their headspace. Maybe you have to film a sex scene? No problem, just have a few shots before a take. Are you a little stressed before filming? No problem, just have… you get the drift. Sometimes alcohol is required before a stressful scene, other times it’s just because you’re a closet alcoholic.


1. Margot Robbie (The Wolf Of Wall Street).

This was Robbie’s breakout role in 2013 and it doesn’t get much bigger than acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the greatest actors/playboys of our generation. Robbie was so nervous before her first intimate shoot with DiCaprio that she took three shots of tequila just to calm down.

This is perhaps not so surprising considering Depp’s well documented problems with the drink. Depp’s character in the rum diaries partook in the giggle juice frequently, so Depp and the films director Bruce Robinson kept a bottle of Chivas Regal on set at all times.

This is why you love David Fincher movies. The guy just goes the extra mile to squeeze every ounce of authenticity out of his actors. Apparently while Norton and Pitt were having a drinking session in their down time, Fincher fed them some dialogue and rolled the cameras as the pair hit golf balls. “I am Jack’s total loss of motor function”.