13 Of Life’s Greatest Victories That Make Life Worth Living


Life is actually really hard, and sometimes you just need a break, or for something to go entirely your way. Sometimes, you just need a good old victory. Well, it doesn’t get more victorious than these 14 situations. These people’s lives seriously couldn’t get any better after these things happened.



2. Especially a victory paired with the words: “Aww man where’s the- oh, here it is.”

EMGN Victory 2

3. Saving a stray baby duck from getting squashed automatically makes it your pet for life.

EMGN Victory 3

4. When you were a kid, dreading gym class and you walked passed this.

6. Before they were banned for being a choking hazard, the worst thing about a Kinder Surprise was that they were gone so quickly. LOOK AT THIS AMAZING DOUBLE KINDER SURPRISE! LOOK AT IT!

EMGN Victory 6

7. Waking up in the morning and realizing you were born in the land of the free and the world is your oyster.

8. Not only did this tree not crush this car, it looks like it gave its life to protect it.

EMGN Victory 8

9. WHAT?!

EMGN Victory 9

10. It’ll get you a keychain at most, but there’s no feeling quite like it.

EMGN Victory 10

11. TRIPLE WHAMMY! That’s right, not just double, TRIPLE!

EMGN Victory 11

12. When your dog, who doesn’t understand the concept of birthdays, is the happiest camper you’ve ever seen at his birthday party.


13. This guy must have been struck by lightning seven times in a row just after this photo was taken.

EMGN Victory 13