13 Legendary Facts About ‘How I Met Your Mother’


We finally got to meet the mother, and we enjoyed every step of getting there! But have you ever wondered how the show was made? Or where all their quirky ideas came from?

Take a look at these little known, behind-the-scenes facts on how this hilarious show came to be!

1. Ted, Marshall, and Lily are based on real people.

Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas were asked to pitch a show to CBS and they went back to their college roots.

Ted was based on Bays, Marshall on Thomas, and Lily on Thomas’s wife. They even threw in real-life events into the series.

2. Barney is almost always in a suit.

There are only 16 instances where he can be seen without his favorite outfit. That’s a lot of suits!

3. The “Have you met Ted?” line came from a Letterman writer.

While working on The Late Show, Bays and Carter’s boss invented the “Have you met …?” line and would use it on random girls. They thought it was funny and put it in the show.

4. Britney Spears asked to be on the show.

She hand-picked her role of Abby and led the show to serious ratings. She’s even credited with pulling it out of the possible cancellation block.

5. The actors’ SOs played characters on the show.

And they played some of the stranger characters! Alyson Hannigan’s husband was Sandy Rivers, Neil Patrick Harris’ husband was Scooter, and Cobie Smulders’s husband was Gary Blauman.

6. Some big names were almost involved!

Jennifer Love Hewitt was offered the role of Robin and Alicia Silverstone was originally cast as Stella. Hewitt declined for another show and Silverstone’s camp was worried she would be overshadowed by acting alongside Britney Spears.
IMDbEric McCandless | Fox

7. Ted’s kids knew who the mother would be!

Because they were hitting puberty, the actors who played Ted’s kids shot all of their scenes during the first season Only the show’s creators were on set and the actors had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The son, actor David Henrie, said he was bribed at bars by strangers to tell them the ending. Luckily he never caved!


8. An early cancellation would have ended the show differently.

Should CBS have canceled the show earlier, Victoria would have been the mom! There was a sub-plot written just in case!

9. Hannigan and Smulders both hid pregnancies on the show.

Producers weren’t ready for either of their characters to become moms (and in the case of Robin, she medically could not get pregnant), so their stomachs were hidden instead!

10. Neil Patrick Harris gets free Red Bull for life.

He gave them so much free advertising that the brand awarded him a mini fridge and a lifetime supply of the stuff!
IMDbRon P. Jaffe | Fox

11. There was a real-life proposal ON THE SHOW.

The episode where Robin thinks Ted is proposing — you know, with the ring in the champagne? The couple seen getting engaged on the show ACTUALLY got engaged in real-life. The groom-to-be planned the whole thing with the producers.

12. Lily and Marshall rarely kissed on screen.

Actress Alyson Hannigan didn’t like kissing Jason Segel due to his smoking. The two stuck to other forms of PDA instead as it was, “like kissing an ashtray.”

13. All the websites are real.

Every website mentioned on the show is a real website. It’s actually illegal to list a “.com” domain on TV that isn’t already purchased!

Creators took the opportunity to make joke web pages and to donate to charity.

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