13 DIYs To Make For Your Purrfect Kitty Cat

Cats can sometimes get a bad rap for being prissy or aloof, but true cat-lovers know that it’s all an act. I think that’s why derpy cat images do so much better on the Internet than dog ones do. Dogs are derpy by nature and don’t care who knows. Humanity has an insatiable thirst to see those who deem themselves above us act like idiots, and whether it’s the latest celebrity breakdown or a snooty cat missing a jump, the same pleasure centers are tripped. While I don’t have a cat now, I grew up with them and love the little furballs, allergies and all, so I’ve collected some of the cutest DIY projects for cat lovers everywhere.

1. Make your own wand toy.

A lot of those wand toys found in stores have garish colors or are cheaply made. It’s easy to make one yourself with a stick, string, and some felt. You can even make a little pouch for some catnip.

2. Skip the stick and use corks and yarn.

Wine corks make a great base for a toy. These can do double duty as something for you to dangle or for the kitty to play solo.

3. Puzzle them!

Puzzle toys are a good way to keep Kitty’s mind sharp, and they’re easy to create with items you have on hand.

4. Bring the outdoors in.

Indoor cats miss out on natural curiosities, but you can help that by planting them a little garden of cat grass, catnip and other cat-friendly greens.