12 Unique DIY Wine Racks

Seeing as it’s Wine Wednesday, I thought it would be fitting to throw together an article dedicated to it! Anyone who enjoys a good merlot or pinot from time to time knows the importance of wine storage. It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive your favorite wines are, they should all be treated with respect, and that means giving them a proper place to stay while they wait for you to pop the cork and indulge in a serious R&R session.

Wine lovers from near and far, gather ’round and enjoy this list of unique wine rack projects. If it doesn’t inspire you to get crafty and build a suitable spot to display your favorite vintages, at least open a bottle and enjoy the creativity your fellow winos possess!

1. Wood

Some stained wood and hex screws come together to create a wine rack that would look great in any space.

2. Brass

Brass may seem like an outdated material for decor, but it actually looks fabulous in this project!
Carrie Waller | eHow

3. Rope

If you’re looking for a nautical design, this wine rack idea is for you.

4. Barn Board

Anyone who loves the rustic look will definitely want one of these hanging on their wall.

5. Old Log

An old log can easily be given new life with a bit of effort and imagination.

6. Fence Pickets

Pickets can be used to create a unique riddling-style rack that holds wine bottles at an angle.

7. IKEA Rast Dresser

IKEA hacks, like this two-toned wine rack, are always a good idea when it comes to DIYing unique pieces.

8. IKEA Tarva Dresser

Here is another version using a different IKEA product!

9. Wooden Crate

Adding X-shelves to a wooden crate instantly transforms it into the perfect wine rack for any space.

10. Pallet

No DIY list is complete without a pallet project!

11. Leather

If you’re a fan of minimalist decor, this leather strap rack is perfect for all of your wine-storing needs.

12. Copper

Lastly, you can also jump on the copper trend train by using it to create this modern wine rack.
Cameron Oden | eHow