12 Surprising Facts About Royal Girlfriend Meghan Markle


1. Meghan has appeared on General Hospital, Deal or No Deal, and Suits.

When she got her start in acting, one of the first characters she played was on General Hospital. Then she moved on to be a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal and Rachel Zane on Suits, which has been on for six seasons now.

2. Her nickname is “Flower.”

She has said that her mother has called her this ever since she was a little girl, along with other nicknames like Meg, MM, and M&M. How sweet!
Instagram | @meghanmarkle

3. She wrote about gender equality at 11 years old.

Meghan wrote to Hillary Clinton, who was the FLOTUS at the time, at the ripe age of 11 and said that a soap advertisement she had seen was sexist as it implied women belonged in the kitchen.

What an amazing little feminist!

4. She has experience as a freelance calligrapher.

Back before her big break on television, Meghan was a struggling actress who used to do freelance calligraphy. What a cool talent!

Also, it is so refreshing to see a soon-to-be (?) member of the royal family who is relatable and has once struggled to make a living! Humble beginnings.


5. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Although we’re assuming she also frequents the Buckingham Palace quite often these days.

Meghan has said that one of the best things about living in the Canadian city is that it allows her to have a normal life. “If I just want to walk my dogs, I throw on a baseball cap and I’ll do that.”

Rumor has it that Prince Harry has even made a couple visits from time to time.

Instagram | @meghanmarkle

6. Her given name isn’t Meghan!

Meghan is actually her middle name, and her first name is Rachel. Mindblown, much?!

Coincidentally, her character on Suits is named Rachel, so I guess she couldn’t escape it.

7. She ran her own lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Before recently ceasing online publication, she practiced her passion for three years and wrote about all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on her blog, The Tig.

Sadly, Meghan decided to shut down The Tig in 2017. In a letter to her readers, she wrote, “Keep finding those Tig moments of discovery, keep laughing and taking risks, and keep being ‘the change you wish to see in the world.'”

Hopefully she returns to blogging one day!

8. Meghan is a huge fan of yoga.

“Yoga is my thing,” she said. “My mom is a yoga instructor, and I started doing mommy-and-me yoga with her when I was seven.”

Meghan tries to get her downward-facing dog on a few times a week. Maybe she’ll introduce the royal family to yoga?


9. She is a humanitarian!

In 2016, Meghan went to Rwanda as a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada. She also is an open supporter of the United Nations He For She Campaign.

During her trip to Rwanda, Meghan toured a school that now had access to clean water because of humanitarian efforts.

One of her goals as a Global Ambassador is to help more communities build wells to improve the quality of life for the people who live there. What an awesome initiative!

Instagram | @meghanmarkle

10. Food is her thing, as it is all of ours.

Meghan is a huge foodie, and food, health, and recipes were one topic frequented on her blog. Anyone else suddenly get really hungry looking at this photo? No? Only me?

On The Tig, Meghan regularly posted articles that highlighted the food and traditions of different cultures around the world. Eating is truly one of the best ways to learn about a culture, as Meghan knows.

Instagram | @meghanmarkle

11. She has two dogs and is an advocate for adoption.

She has posted several photos of her two fur babies, Bogart and Guy, with the hashtag #AdoptDontShop. Look at those sweet angel faces! I’m can’t — I love them.

Apparently, it was Ellen DeGeneres who convinced Meghan to adopt her first dog. As if Ellen couldn’t get any better. Thanks for the advice!

Instagram | @meghanmarkle

12. Television and show business are in her genes.

Her father, Thomas Markle, worked as a television lighting director from the time she was little, including on the set of Married… With Children. She was destined to be on the small screen!

Meghan also majored in theater studies at Northwestern University. It looks like she’s putting that degree to use!

Instagram | @meghanmarkle