It seems that day after day, the price of most things is going up. Sometimes pinching your pennies is wise, especially when it comes to small decorations. With so much knowledge at our fingertips, making our own beautiful creations is extremely easy. Here are a bunch of ideas that not only save money, but also re-use some bottles you may have laying around.

1. Picture frames from your old bottles.

Start off by cleaning the bottles with soap and warm water. This combination should be enough to get the labels off cleanly, but if it doesn’t work, you can always use some nail polish remover to remove the adhesive. Make sure to allow the bottles to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Joanne Palmisano | DIY Network
Next, roll up the photos that you want “framed.” A paintbrush, pencil, or any other long and narrow object should be used to push the photo into place. Try to open the picture up a little bit while it’s in the bottle.

Joanne Palmisano | DIY Network
Add some decorations and finishing touches (the sky is the limit with these) and you’re done! Seashells, rocks, sand, or whatever you want to use can be put inside the bottle to give it some depth. For more in-depth instructions, click here.

Joanne Palmisano | DIY Network

2. Make a glass vase

Wine bottles can be used to make great glass vases because of their shape.

3. Festive decorations

These are certainly not limited to Halloween, so get creative and decorate them however you would like for any occasion.

Nap Time Crafts

4. Chalkboard painted bottles

You can create some nifty chalkboard bottles with a bit of tape and some paint. For an in-depth step-by-step, click here.

5. Make a bottle lamp

You can either buy the parts to make the lamp or you can gut an old lamp you may have laying around. Any kind of bottle that suits your style can be used. More instructions can be found here.

Instructables | bekathwia

6. How to cut bottles

Cutting bottles in various ways allows you to make bottles into decorations in a bunch of fun and cool ways. If you do decide to cut the bottles, make sure to take all necessary safety precautions: wear gloves, safety glasses, and whatever else you feel is necessary. You can sand the edges down with sand paper if they feel a sharp, or you can use an emery board or nail filer (hurrah for bottle manicures)!

7. Use your newly-learned bottle-cutting skills to experiment with some different angles.

Different cuts can make beautiful and modern-looking vases. How much you cut off and even the angle you cut at is completely up to you!

David Guilfoose | Green Wine Bottles

8. Reusable planters

You can make some really cool planters out of cut bottles. After you’ve made them, you can suspend them or just leave them on a table. The choice is yours.

9. Candle holders

Bottles can make some pretty awesome candle holders, and I must say, they look really cool.

10. Drinking glasses

You can make some really cool drinking glasses by following this video article! Remember, there are TONS of ways to reuse glass bottles and these were just a few of them.

Main and collage image via Joanne Palmisano / DIY Network