10 Times Wallpaper Was Totally OK — And By OK, I Mean Downright Fab!

I remember this one time that we had to take all the wallpaper down in my aunt’s apartment. It was a horrible job and a memory that I don’t often like to revisit.

It’s because of this very memory that I have such a hatred for wallpaper. I know that “hate” is a very strong word, and I don’t like to use it often, but if you’ve ever had to remove wallpaper, I am sure you understand.

I think I am ready to give wallpaper a second chance, though, now that there are sites like Pinterest. Seriously, there are some really pretty papers out there that you can slap up on your walls. Wallpaper has taken on a whole new life and looks really beautiful as an accent wall or even spread out over a hallway.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these beauties. Let me know if they are enough to sell you on wallpaper.

Instagram | @projectnursery
So… are you rushing out to get the latest prints, or do you think this will be a tired fad? Weigh in on our Facebook post!

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