10 Paw Patrol Dogs in Real Life




One of the most engaged in action and energetic dogs, you have ever come across. Chase has been working as a police and traffic cop dog. Moreover, he also works as a spy since the beginning of season 2. He is highly concerned about people who are going home due to which he is always engaged in directing traffic on roads so that everyone’s journey becomes easier. Chase is very talented as he can help animals and people who have been lost by making use of his spy gear which is truly amazing! He ensures that they safely come back home. He loves to lead in various things and handles every mission assigned to him with genuine and earnest intent.

However, if there is anything he needs to be careful about then that includes cats and feathers. Staying away from them is the ONLY option. He is a fun-loving dog, who cheerfully engages with his friends in his free time and especially with his best friend named Marshal. Chase in real life is a replica of a German shepherd puppy and dresses exactly like him. These dogs are known for their obedience due to which they often provide their services as a guide dog for the disabled people, a defensive guard dog, a search rescue unit guard dog, or a service dog for the police k-9. They are brave, courageous and always ready to work. Additionally, they are also known for their loyalty and friendliness with their beloved families and friends.



This is a great dog as well. He is always available to do work which is related to construction. He will be available to do all the work which requires fixing something for example, if a building or some house is damaged or a train track is not functioning properly so Rubble is ready to work! He is playful and jolly with all the people surrounding him. He is very allergic to spiders so staying away from them is a must for him. He gets dirty and messy all the time as he is always busy in doing something or playing with someone. Once, he has achieved his mission successfully, that is when he knows it is time to take a bath instantly.

Moreover, skateboards and snowboards is something he knows so well. This dog might seem to be a difficult one, but he is a cute, little sensitive dog who feels for his loved ones so much. He also looks after the little animals around him. In real life, he is an English bull dog with lovely eyes. He wears yellow hard hat and his collar. These dogs enjoy taking a nap with their loved ones and loves to seek attention.



Oh well, the little Everest is here, who can proudly say that the ‘cold doesn’t bother her anyway. She is self-reliant and courageous just like the frozen queen herself. We came to know her in season two. She is extremely helpful and ensures safety because she saved Jake from falling off a snow cliff. That is when she became a member of the paw patrol instantly. She effectively clears the roads when they are filled with snow. Her amazing grappling hook assists her in travelling to places. She is good in rescuing people because she is always enthusiastic to work and ready to get hold of things that are coming her way. She is active and energetic. Her best friend Jake is her everything. She loves her to the moon and back.

In real life, she is nothing but a husky. They are adorable, lovely and share the same characteristics. Huskies are awesome companions to hang out with in winters and are always alert to what is happening around them. They are very clever and intelligent. They are extremely close to their family members and friends, they are kind and fondly tender.



Majority of the puppies are busy in saving people, but Rocky is more eager to save the environment. He always has all the tools to solve the problems that occur regularly. He does not buy all the tools and gadgets from store, he takes the pieces that are available and does have the potential to be recycled, he creates something better and much useful out of them. Rocky is extremely creative and full of ideas. His pup pack is full of amazing tools as well! He stays away from the water as he is frightful of it so he may not prove to be an effective eco puppy when it comes to the protection of seas and oceans.

However, he will be there to accomplish his goals in a mission even if it is related to water, because his work is more important than anything at all. In real life Rocky is the great Pomeranian. These dogs are intelligent like Rocky who is very particular about saving the mother Earth instantly. They are proactive and ready to act whenever required, which makes it easier for them to mingle with other dogs and make friends. This dog may not be up for recycling things, but he loves to save food from getting wasted, and for doing so it is essential that he eats all of it by himself! They can surely change the world for the better and will be there to do all the good things that they think must be done immediately.



Tracker was introduced as the eighth paw patrol pup in season three. His small size is not a hurdle for him when he wants to achieve things and accomplish his missions. He loves to live in the jungle because he is very playful and is fond of travelling and exploring the wildlife thoroughly. He protects people who are in danger by using his amazing listening skills which he developed by living a wonderful life in the jungle. Tracker is fearful of the dark and so avoid going into the dark places. He does not trust his eyes that much due to this reason. He is ready to face his fears when it is crucial and there isn’t any option available.

In reality, Tracker shares his personality with the dog called Chihuahua. These dogs do have good hearing skills as well and have a tendency to bark when someone approaches their homes. Even before someone knocks the door, they will know that you are there. They are brave, courageous and aware about everything that is happening in their surroundings. Experts in most of the cases recommend people to keep them as watch dogs because they are simply the best ones in this regard. This dog is family oriented and full of life and enthusiasm.



Zuma is a water rescuer. Zuma loves to work in missions which are related to the water. He always available to save the animals who are in trouble by using his speedboat in times when an underwater emergency occurs. It does not matter whether he is working or not, he is fully energized and ready to play with people he is accompanying. He lives in a boathouse and is always excited to dive into action and indulge in surfing and such activities. He finds it difficult to pronounce his ‘R’ correctly, but he isn’t annoyed by it, instead chooses to enjoy these moments by laughing his heart out. He is adventurous and fun to be with. His services are not that much in demand, so maybe that is why, we find it difficult to see him many times. In real life, he is chocolate Labrador. He is wearing his orange helmet and collar as well. They often get dirty and have to take a lot baths to clean themselves. Though Zuma is introverted and calm which makes him different from most of the Labradors, but both of them are loyal and trustworthy. They become the most trustworthy family members ever.



She is a cute and lovely little puppy who seems to be very innocent and precious. She is not part of the paw patrol team. However, it is better to respect her and not to underestimate her skills because her cleverness makes her nothing but a villain. She is the pet of the princess of the Barking burg made an attempt to take over the world. She acts very nicely in front of the princess but is truly very sneaky and not at all fearful of the paw petrol. She tries to do her job well, but when she fails to do her job well and make mistakes, she makes sure that the other animals get in trouble instead of her. She makes use of her loveliness and deep eyes to get all the things from others which she wants at the moment.

In real life, sweetie is the west highland white terrier who is really cute and innocent unlike sweetie. This dog is courageous, brave and self-reliant and loves to be with her family.



Apollo is really charming and super talented. He has the ability to fly and he is always inspiring people whenever he is on Tv or in comic books. He does not usually appear with the paw patrol but is always considered amazing by everyone. Rubble is his hugs fan and loves to follow him in everything. He even dresses up like him regularly. He may seem to be invincible but the paw patrol one day went to save Apollo and the bunnies from the spider king. It showed how anyone could ask for help from the paw patrol.

In real life, he is not any puppy specifically but another white shepherd puppy with super powers is extremely cute, courageous and brave. They are full of energy. The American shepherds are very brave and always there to help other people, they are never late for work. They may want to spend some time alone and are a little introverted. They love people differently by making sure that they are safe and sound.



Skye was every little girls favourite character until the beautiful Everest joined the team. Skye was the string and courageous female member of the group who would take care of all the emergencies that would occur form above the skies. Her pink helicopter is her best tool she makes use of. Her grappling hook is another tool which she uses to transport people to various places and to make the travel easily. She does a beautiful and cute backflip while continuously having a charming smile on her face. She is fearful of the eagle and can become emotional at such times. She is friendly and humorous with friends and family.

In real life, she is a cockapoo. A cocker spaniel and a poodle mix. These dogs are very outgoing, fun loving and adventurous. They want to do something new all the time. They are opportunistic and are very nice family members as well.



Marshal is the fire pup. He keeps a check and makes sure that there are no fires around and if necessary, he extinguishes them rapidly. He makes use of his ladder of a kitten is stuck in a tree. If anyone, ever gets hurt or are in pain due to some medical reasons, they are going to be extremely happy when they will know that Marshal is also a medical pup. He makes sure that no body is suffering form broken or damaged bones by using his x-rays. He likes to make use of bandages but sometimes overuses them. He makes mistakes and creates a scene but after a while we come to know that he is okay. He is funny and clumsy. He is very humorous and amusing to many people who consider it fun to be with him.In reality, Marshal is a Dalmatian, full of energy and courage. He is fun loving and playful all the time. He is always engaged in action. They can work as firehouse digs because they are very intelligent, smart and athletic. They are ready to make this world a better place to live in.